Commercial Airline Stretcher Service

EMSOS Air ambulance company provides commercial stretcher service for patients that require a stretcher for travel but who do not need emergency transportation through an air ambulance service. Commercial stretcher service allows patients to fly on commercial airlines while still being able to remain on their stretcher throughout their travels.

Stretcher service is not available on all commercial airlines. However, many major airlines provide the option for stretcher service on some of their flights. In order to accommodate a medical stretcher, these airlines retrofit the traditional seating arrangement to allow a stretcher in and to allow for it to be secured during flight..


Commercial stretcher service is ideal in a variety of situations. Patients who suffer a medical emergency while traveling may choose to go home before they have had a chance to fully recover. Or a patient receiving long-term care may need to be transferred to a new medical facility. However, the patient may still require oxygen or a ventilator during travel. If they suffered a heart attack stroke, or a spine injury, they may also be unable to sit in a traditional airline seat for the length of the flight, or even be able to get on and off of the aircraft.