Ground Ambulance Service

EMSOS provides a comprehensive bed-to-bed road ambulance service within cities in India. We have conducted a multitude of long distance transfers of patients on life support, especially between remote and urban areas. Our vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art life support equipment and medication that mimics the environment of an intensive care unit.

Our crew is connected through a sophisticated communication network and can be rapidly deployed with an ambulance to assist patients. Our personnel remain in constant communication with the patient’s treating physician as well as our own specialists while monitoring the patient. They also convey regular updates regarding patient status to the concerned family member.

The mode of transport is selected based on the condition as well as location of the patient. Medical teams too are selected according to the patient’s requirements. ACLS (Advanced cardiac life support) ambulances are ideal for long distance transfers due to their size and design. They are the preferred mode of conveyance for the critically ill and injured. When required, a specialist accompanies the patient (e.g. cardiologist, pediatrician, obstetrician, anesthetist etc).


-Send us an online request (click here)or call on our 24X7 line to schedule a medical evacuation.

-Your request/call will be immediately forwarded to a medical professional who will make an assessment of the patient’s condition based on a brief medical history. In many cases the patient’s treating doctor will also have to be consulted.

-Next, the transport options and the details of the medi-evac process will be communicated with you.

-In any form of transport, a doctor or nurse accompanies the patient throughout the transfer.