Medical Escort Services

Patients who have serious medical conditions cannot travel utilizing normal means of transportation or travel unassisted. So for that Emsos provides top notch critical care Doctors who can safely transport one of the most advance sick patients needing tertiary care in the skies . We Have been in the business since 15 yrs and are trained to transport Most critically Ill patients VIA Air ambulance and Ground Ambulances..

Our Privately run Ambulances are very well equipped with all life saving equipment Like Ventilator, Defibrillator, Cardiac Monitors , Spine board , Stretcher , External Pacing Devices, Suction , Oxygen , Incubators (for pediatric patients).

Our medical escorts help those who need special care. Our escorts are ICU and Emergency medicine-trained Physicians who are trained to handle all medical emergencies and Maintain the patients during Transports, During transports the medical escort Also coordinates between the Receiving medical team stating them the medical conditions so that the continuation of care is maintained.


Along with providing healthcare, our medical escorts also help get the individual into the airport, check-in and safety, help with bags, use airline employees to make sure all unique accommodations are set up, and also act as the connection between the medical care in the traveling source and destination.