Air Ambulance Service in Germany

EMSOS is an India based company which involves in the medical evacuation and airlifting of patients in case of medical emergencies. They make available inter-country and intra-country retrieval & repatriation services. Managed by highly skilled staff, they can be accessed 24x7/365 days.

Apart from air ambulance in Germany, they also involve in ground ambulance services, disaster management, medical site survey, remote site medical cover, medical referrals and repatriation of mortal remains along with the exercise of medical personals. .

In times of medical emergency, time is of spirit. Every moment spent on searching for a transit is an instant lost. The condition is more acute in case the patient needs an airlift. In case of emergency, how do you find an air ambulance out at the earliest? Simple, you seek us out. EMSOS is the India’s leading air ambulance and medical evacuation company..


While it’s possible to reach most of the places around your town by the help of a ground ambulance, there’re some places, however, where it’s not just tough to get a ground ambulance but is far from the nearest medical centers as well. For such remote locations, air ambulance remains the only credible average of transit and medical evacuation.

Needless to say, such places are in ambulance in Germany. Owing to the high cost and limited availability of air ambulance in Germany to India, it’s no surprise that people at many places find it tough to get an emergency air ambulance service in Germany. Air ambulance from Germany to India is also critical in cases which demand patient transport from one country to another or involve airlifting them from high or inhospitable terrain. .


Many to instigate with. As already declared above, they are extremely recommended for those places which are inaccessible or are too remote for an ambulance to be reached them. Some of the cases wherein an air ambulance is principally helpful are – .

  • Long distance patient transportation – generally those connecting inter-country transfers
  • Air lifting in inhospitable environments
  • Patient comfort and convenience – while road journey by an ambulance in Germany are not that rough, they do take a lot of time specially if the destination and cause happen to be far from each other. In its association, an air ambulance from India to Germany is much more convenient and takes a lot less time than they do. Some of them are RVSM specialized that permits them to fly at even greater heights.
  • In-house emergency medical help – is far better in air ambulance in Germany than in ground ambulances. This has comparatively to do with its inability to get emergency medical helps mid-air. While an ICU, ALS or BLS ground ambulance can be similarly well-equipped, they lag in suitability and comfort. But most importantly, they are not summoned in every cases.
  • Faster than conventional ones.
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