Was used principally in kids few years ago but offlate big role is found in management of Resporatory and Cardiac diseases and specially Covid times when lung destruction is a common phenomena and Ventilator fail to provide oxygen. It’s a highly skilled stuff and team work is fairly important. Also before deciding to take your patient on ECMO one should always think of endpoint and valid questions to be asked to doctors who recommend it. It has a big cost and carry fairly complicated end points so a good discussion and goal of ECMO should be clearly understood.

Family needs to be counselled thoroughly and will reap best results if the decision is more thought about rather than emotional . It is nearly very difficult to let your own near and dear suffer in the Pandemic but despite that it’s always a good way to make a thought ful decision As ECMO is a Bridge between Lung destruction and transplant and will not completely reverse the lung destruction post Covid.


Send us an online request (click here) or call on our 24X7 line to schedule a medical evacuation.-Your request/call will be immediately forwarded to a medical professional who will make an assessment of the patient’s condition based on a brief medical history. In many cases the patient’s treating doctor will also have to be consulted. Next, the transport options and the details of the process will be communicated to you. In case of commercial airline transport, ticketing is done by EMSOS for the patient and accompanying medical staff .Special assistance at the airport ensures speedy and comfortable boarding. Ground transport for patients is provided by EMSOS in several cities within India. In any form of air evacuation, a Trained ICU? Anesthetist doctor or nurse accompanies the patient throughout the transfer.